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AmberFit is an AI-powered chatbot platform for schools and universities to help their students maintain healthy habits and stay physically and mentally fit.
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AmberFit features
AmberFit assistant
  • Works on Messenger and Telegram
  • Tracks your emotional mood
  • Reminds you to stay fit and drink water
  • Track activity time
  • Follows your routine
  • Prepares useful information for you
  • Gives you tricks and tips
  • Take weekly challenges
  • Powered by AI and Chatbot technology
Orgnisation dashboard
  • Advanced dashboard
  • Statistics and predictions
  • SOS reports
  • 1 - 1 chat with end users
Other channels are coming soon...
Amazon Alexa
Our partners
E-rīks izstrādāts projekta Nr. R045 "Baltijas pilsētu rīcība dzīvesveida izraisītu saslimšanu mazināšanā - inovatīva profilakses intervences modeļa izveide, iesaistot sabiedrības veselības pārvaldes iestādes Baltijas jūras reģionā" (BaltCityPrevention) ietvaros.

E-tool developed by project no. R045 "Baltic Cities tackle lifestyle related diseases – The development of an innovative model for prevention interventions targeting public health authorities in the Baltic Sea Region."
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